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Why go sailing in Greece?

Sailing in Greece is considered to be a paradise for the sailing community because it offers all types of seas and winds due to its unique landscape. Greece has thousands of islands that provide you with the amazing coastline of more than 15000 kilometres.



Is it easy to go sailing in Greece?

Renting a yacht in Greece is not only easy to do but inexpensive also. Depending on your prefered way of sailing you can choose from a wide variety of pleasure bareboats, privately owned or chartered yachts to go sailing around the beautiful Greek islands.



Where is the best place to sail?

The most famous sailing areas in Greece are the cyclades complex, the ioanian islands, the dodecanese islands, the sporades complex and Crete island. Of course you can try to sail to other destinations as well considering that Greece has unlimited places to go sailing.



How is the weather in Greece?

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with mild moist winters and dry hot summers.The long charter season starts as early as March when air temperatures rise above the seawater temperatures.

Around mid-May weather gets more stable while July and August peak in high temperatures and sun hours - the high season for chartering!

In Oct/Nov the weather becomes more aggressive but not in an excessive way.



How can help me sail in Greece? is a website, where you can make a request for your sailing holiday in Greece, Croatia or Turkey. Your request will be forwarded to different chartering companies and you will receive from them multiple yacht offers. You can choose between them the one you prefer and this way you will save time searching.All companies that participate in this website are chosen for the quality of yachts and services. We can also let you know about yacht offers or charters by joining our mailing list, RSS feed or our mobile notification system.



How can i start sailing with yacht chartering?

You can start sailing with a yacht charter by simply filling the yacht charter form on your right. Yacht chartering is one of the best ways to go on sailing holidays in Greece. Rent / charter a yacht and go sailing in Greece with our yacht chartering services!
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